Top solutions to get Your Ideal Weight and decrease Inflammation


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I'm Elena Maganto, PhD and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,  currently devoted to empowering the health of people with serious digestive and inflammation problems.

I believe that nutrition and science work together to reduce risk of disease in numerous ways.

My mission is to inspire YOU and give YOU the support to make the right changes in nutrition and lifestyle.

Top Triggers that induce Poor Digestive Health and Inflammation

Top Triggers of weight loss/gain resistance

Link between Inflammation and changes in weight, fatigue or autoimmune diseases

I will provide very effective tests to diagnose if you suffer from Gut Inflammation and toxicity

Most effective Nutrition and Lifestyle habits to cleanse your body, decrease inflammation, lose/gain weight, boost your energy and eliminate cravings

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(Webinar is on March 5, 8pm (EST)

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