The Good & Bad about Peanuts

Who doesn't like peanuts?! In any form......raw, roasted, peanut oil, peanut butter, ice cream, body lotions,..... and many more!!

I am from Spain and we don't have peanut butter there. I couldn't understand how people in US love peanut butter so much!

Peanuts contain fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory but it has other molecules which cause opposite effect.

Watch this video to understand why you should start cutting down peanuts and peanut related products from your diet:

Peanuts contain Aflatoxin which causes inflammation in your gut and it is a big cause for Weight gain/Loss resistance. Now you can watch my Masterclass "The Top 4 Secrets to Reach Your Ideal Weight Without Dieting" here:


I would love to hear in the comments which is your best substitute for peanuts. I personally love sunflower seed butter. Yummy!



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