Gluten Free Coconut Flatbread

How many times a hear from my clients......"So, if I can't eat bread now, what can I eat?".

They get terrified and completely lost when I tell them that it is better to avoid gluten to revert inflammation.

Well, it is very simple. We don't have to suffer! We just need to learn how to substitute ingredients in a recipe for the healthier choice. We can still eat bread, toast, pancakes, cookies and and other goodies with many other flours like almond, coconut, garbanzo, quinoa, buckwheat flours and more.....

Try this delicious and easy recipe to make Gluten Free Coconut Flatbread just in 10 minutes!!!

This recipe is good for people with digestive problems and Candida overgrowth since coconut has Caprylic and Lauric Acid; fatty acids with anti-fungi properties.

Click this video and have fun cooking flatbread!


Leave a Comment below and let me know how did it go preparing your flatbread!

Keep your body Healthy.



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