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We all get hungry and need some easy healthy snack to get some energy and continue our day.


I always struggled finding good healthy snacks without any additives, preservatives, sugar or transfats that would damage my digestive system. It is why I started making my own Natural granola bars  using all natural ingredients, no animal products and natural sweeteners. They also have lot of protein to keep the blood sugar levels constant and fuel my body longer.

I want to share these granolas with everyone who cares about proper nutrition, wants to give a healthy treat to their bodies and feel energize during the day. It is why I have created Green Fridge.


Green Fridge-Natural Nutrition brings you natural granola bars and many more healthy natural food and snacks to come soon! I will keep you posted.


You can start getting your granola bars here...........

Chocolate/Chia Granola Bar
Cranberry Nuts Granola Bar
Coconut/Almond Granola Bar

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Victoria Galazo Berrendero

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