Do you want to get your Health back on track? Let me help you get it back!!
When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve? 



One conversation could change your life

Wellness is in your hands

Health is in your hands


Top 4 Secrets to Reach Your Ideal Weight without Dieting


In This Class Your will Learn:

  • Top Triggers of Poor Digestive Health and Inflammation

  • Top Triggers of Weight Loss/Gain Resistance

  • How to Heal Your Gut and Balance Your Hormones



Ketorranean Diet Solution

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"We know that Elena has a heart for teaching people to eat properly and take care of their bodies. Her dedication combined with her education and experience offers more for your body, mind and spirit than we could have imagined. I have been dealing with issues due to diabetes and my wife has arthritis for over 10 years. Elena explained that many of our health problems were caused by our food choices. We “thought” we ate healthy. But after learning about 61 new names for sugar, preservatives and fats that are not healthy for your body – we are reading labels and learning products are marketed to catch your eye – appeal to your sense of quick meal preparation and budget. The truth is eating healthy is a choice and you can save money. We eat fresh greens every day. We prepare fresh foods with power and taste, less calories, and less fat than packaged foods. My sugar levels are normal now with no spikes. My wife’s arthritis is better because she now avoids foods that add to the inflammation and pain in her hands. It has been fun and enlightening. We are so blessed to have found Elena and look forward to a long and healthy relationship. God Bless Elena! "
-L&C, HI-
"I had the opportunity to work with Elena as my health coach for three months.  Over that time, I had the chance to make changes that really have a lasting effect and made a huge difference in the way I feel, inside and outside!  My diet is now rich in greens and whole foods...who knew a green smoothie could actually be delicious!?!  These are changes that for me, I know will be permanent and only help to keep me in shape and healthy for years to come!  Elena is also ALWAYS available for questions or advice which is so helpful as you are making your way through this journey.  My husband has lost so much weight, I am so proud of him!  It is amazing the transformation in him.  He had all of his blood work done the other day and his heart disease risk is now at a -1; all of his numbers are well within the normal values whereas before they were not.  Thanks Elena!"
-Jennifer Reyes. MA-

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